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Cultural Master Plan Under Review!

As you may have heard, the Bowen Island Arts Council has accepted the authority and responsibility, granted by the Bowen Island Municipality, to review and update BIM Bylaw #297 -- the Cultural Master Plan. It was written more than 10 years ago and is in need of revising to ensure it reflects the current needs of our community.

We've struck a Steering Committee, had a few meetings and we are ready to launch the process that we hope will involve all islanders in some way or another. Over the next 10 months or so, it is our intent is to surface insights, ideas and recommendations to appreciate and build on our current artistic and cultural strengths and assets. We will be identifying needs and opportunities that support the development of artistic and creative skills and enterprises. Ultimately, we'll be creating a document with recommendations and an action plan timeline for implementation.

We need your help in getting this work done! Can we interview you about your experience of arts and culture on Bowen? Maybe you want to participate in one of our focus groups or subcommittees? For more information, click here to download a summary of our objectives and processes. Or visit our newly launched website at We'd love to hear from you!  You can also email us by clicking here  and let us know how you would like to participate.

Call for Submissions!

The Bowen Island Municipality (BIM) is inviting artists to submit designs for new painted crosswalks in Snug Cove. The opportunity has arisen as this September, Bowen Island Trunk Road will be repaved in its entirety. BIAC has teamed up with BIM to ensure that the new crossings will not only be practical and effective in helping pedestrians get across the street safely, but they’ll have the bonus of being public art as well.

The designs submitted will be blind-ranked by a three-person committee representing Public Works, Bowen Island Arts Council, and Bowen Island Municipal Council. Members of the public will vote top-ranked designs on during Paving Week.

The artist whose design(s) are chosen will receive a commission of $2,500 once the crosswalks are installed. Deadline for designs is Friday, September 11 no later than 4 pm. For more information and details re criteria and how to enter, please click here.

The Bowen Island Arts Council, in conjunction with The Bowen Island Beer & Wine Store, is excited to announce the return of Wine is Bottled Poetry. On Friday, September 18, 2015, explore the poetic beauty of wine; join us for an afternoon of wine tasting with exquisite samples from Tinhorn Creek, and enjoy selections of local wine-themed poetry. For more information and to participate in our poetry contest, click here.

In conjunction with Culture Days, The Bowen Island Arts Council is thrilled to present "Passionately Speaking: Pecha Kucha on Bowen Island."Is there something in your life that you have a burning desire to share with others? A passion or pursuit, a clarity of understanding or insight? Something you love or hate that the world (or at least other islanders) should know about? Perhaps you have a solution to a problem that could change the world? We invite you to tell your story with words and images that inspire, enlighten, or intrigue. Click here to download a poster with full information.

BIAC Announces Fall Arts Programming

While there's still time to kick back and enjoy summer, it's not too early to start thinking about what you'll be doing -- creatively -- in the coming months. Why not consider taking a class or workshop? BIAC is pleased to announce its Fall line-up of arts programming -- including painting, writing and textile programs. Click here for a list of classes and workshops. Registration is now open! Click here to register online.

Come to Bowen and enjoy a self-guided Bowen Art & Nature Walk. Begin your walk at the ferry dock as you land in Snug Cove. Follow a route that winds you through parkland, forest, and shoreline, and allows for viewing of impressive mosaics, murals, sculptures and other public art installations. End up at Artisan Square, the home of numerous galleries, studios, boutiques and other shops, including options for a full meal, light snack or delicious drinks. Download a map and further information here.

The Bowen Island Arts Council is a member of the Sea to Sky Arts Councils. Our partners include Lions Bay, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. Together we support artists and arts and cultural events within each of our communities and along the Sea to Sky Corridor. We've just launched a Scavenger Hunt -- a fun wayto discover arts and culture throughout the entire region. To play, and win some great prizes, visit the Sea to Sky Arts Councils website by clicking here.

The Bowen Island Arts Council (BIAC) is dedicated to representing and coordinating the creative efforts and programs of all cultural groups on Bowen Island. BIAC strives to stimulate the development of arts and cultural projects and activities and promote and encourage the advancement of the arts and opportunities for local artists. BIAC also fosters an interest and pride in the cultural heritage and history of Bowen Island.

The artists of Bowen Island welcome you to our creative island!

Based on a national study of communities with a population of less than 50,000 people, Bowen Island was identified as the 4th most artistic community in Canada. Click here for more info.

BIAC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Bowen Island Municipality, the BC Arts Council and the Province of British Columbia. BIAC also thanks all its wonderful members and our community for its unwavering support of local arts and culture.

  For more to do on Bowen Island, please visit the Community Calendar on the Tourism Bowen Island website.

The Gallery

"Vanishing" features the work of celebrated local artists Marc Baur, Janet Esseiva and Georgina Farah. The runs 19 Aug 13 Sep. Reception: Fri 21 Aug 7-9pm
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