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BIM Moves forward on Community Centre

The Bowen Island Arts Council is engaged as a key stakeholder in a process led by the Bowen Island Municipality (BIM) to create a Community Centre.

The proposed civic building, a 14,300 square foot facility providing community, recreational and performing arts spaces plus municipal offices is to be built on Area 3 of Lot 2 of municipal land (east of Bowen Island Community School). A financial strategy to raise funds, drawing on reserves, tapping into infrastructure funding from the federal and provincial governments and exploring other options is under development. For more information, please visit the website of the project by clicking here.

Council Updated on Project Work to date

A million thanks to Paul Hooson, a long-time champion of the arts and tireless volunteer who has advocated for a Community Hall & Arts performing space for decades. In July, 2015, on behalf of the arts council, Paul presented to Municipal Council an overview of all the work that has been done to date by many committees and groups forwarding the goal of creating a public gathering space for the island. As quoted in an article by the Undercurrent, which can be read by clicking here, Paul wanted to  set the record straight  regarding the arts community's desire for a building.  What we want is a Community Hall, not a Community Center: a modest, multi-purpose space for the performing arts and public assembly.  Paul, who is retiring from the role he has played so vigorously over the years says that he is satisfied that the current Council now has all the history and information, backed by documentation that it needs to take action. Click here to download the presentation.

2014 Community Hall & Arts Centre Update

To help create an understanding and clarity around plans for a Community Hall & Arts Centre (CHAC) to be built on community owned lands, BIAC has put together a package of information for quick reference.

We welcome you to download these two pages, synthesizing current information that details the specifications and concept of a CHAC. The conceptual design, in various iterations, has been endorsed by all studies and reports relating to a multi-purpose Bowen Island community gathering place, suitable for assembly, presentation and performance. It is a tried and true design, and is the model for many lower mainland flexible facilities that are owned or managed by Municipalities.

Click here for the Basic Hall Specifications and Information

Click here for Basic Hall Potential Capital Costs Information

As a bonus, we've also made available drawings and a model to help visualize a CHAC.

View Drawing (PDF)

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Thank you to Paul Hooson for compiling this information, and his enduring commitment to the realization of our community's dream.

Donate NOW to the CHAC fund


Help build the CHAC Endowment Fund

December is a busy time of year on Bowen. It offers many splendid opportunities for our community to come together, to celebrate in song, to join in dance or to be entertained by the many talented neighbours, with whom we share the island. Our craft fairs, choir concerts, theatrical performances and other assemblies all draw us together to revel in a group experience of our vibrant culture. But we are a growing community, with limited and often inadequate venues. This makes it more and more challenging to achieve that connection so important to our collective sense of identity.

To ensure our community spirit is nurtured and can continue to thrive, there are many who are dedicated to realizing the dream of opening a civic centre where we can all meet and mingle. From developing a strategy, to securing financing, to designing plans, there's much to be done. Luckily, there's also no shortage of islanders who want to make it happen.

The Community Hall and Arts Centre (CHAC) committee of the Bowen Island Arts Council has created one effective way in which individuals can forward the vision of a flourishing centre for all residents. It's an Endowment Fund that was set up last year through the Vancouver Foundation and the BC Arts Renaissance Program. Once a community centre flings open its door, interest from the Endowment will help offset costs and help ensure the operation of the facility is financially viable. The opening balance of the account, established one year ago, was $100,000. That sum was reached when the community donated $50,000, a sum that was matched dollar for dollar by the Vancouver Foundation.

Administered by the Bowen Island Community Foundation, the fund has already earned interest of approximately $2500, which will be reinvested. And the CHAC committee has been working to grow the fund in 2008. But they are again turning to the people of Bowen to ask them to invest in arts and culture. Tax receipts are available for donations, but in order to appear on this year's income tax return, contributions must be received before the end of the 2008.

Please consider a gift to the Endowment Fund. It's like giving twice, because each dollar contributed will be matched. The investment will help create a legacy that will reap benefits for years to come.

To contribute, please write and send a cheque to BIAC (Bowen Island Arts Council), Box 211, Bowen Island, BC, V0N 1G0. Or submit a donation online. For more information, contact BIAC at .